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Dro Avetian_ 02213185.jpg

Dro Avetian

Multifamily Associate

Dro Avetian is a dedicated real estate professional with a passion for helping clients achieve their commercial real estate goals. Dro brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to his career, combining his insights into market trends and property valuation with an unwavering commitment to client success.

As a hardworking agent, Dro has set ambitious goals for himself and is driven by the thrill of the commercial real estate market. He approaches each transaction with meticulous attention to detail, always keeping his client's best interests at the forefront. Dro stays current with market trends across various sectors of commercial real estate, providing valuable insights and strategic guidance to his clients.

Outside of his real estate profession, Dro leads an athletic and active lifestyle. He finds balance by engaging in various physical activities and sports, fueling his energy and focus in all aspects of life. Dro cherishes quality time with his immediate family and friends, recognizing the importance of building meaningful connections beyond his professional endeavors.

With his combined expertise in commercial real estate, passion for helping clients succeed, and commitment to personal growth, Dro Avetian is your trusted partner for all your commercial property needs. Reach out to him today and experience the dedication and professionalism that sets him apart.

License: CA 02213185


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